Communications Goods – Content and Information

The acquisition, maintenance and licencing of intellectual and other property for:

  • Paper goods and printed matter, namely, educational materials, instructional and teaching materials, posters;
  • Children’s books;
  • Books in the field of information technology, the arts, law and sciences; series of fiction books;
  • Comic books, bumper stickers, stickers, calendars, pencil sharpeners, pencil cases, activity books, both printed and blank;
  • Binders, notebooks, stationery, note pads, writing tablets, paper table cloths, paper napkins, pencils, markers, erasers, coloring books, writing pens, non-calibrated rulers, paper weights, paper coasters, bookmarks, book covers and holders, paper place mats;
  • Photographs, photo albums;
  • Address books; fan club newsletters, post cards, holiday cards, greeting cards, social note cards, art prints, art reproductions, merchandise bags;
  • Children’s activity books and picture books;
  • Photographs, gift wrap paper; souvenir books;
  • Tour books; event programs; books containing speech; picture books; decals;
  • Educational publications, magazines, newsletters, booklets, pamphlets and brochures in the field of information technology, the arts, law and sciences;
  • Lithographs; precious metal money clips;
  • Letter openers of precious metal;
  • Book markers of precious metal;
  • Novels.