Jonathan Bishop Limited is the leading intellectual property acquisition, licencing and publishing firm in information, music, construction and defence technology in the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States of America.

Jonathan Bishop Limited’s mission is to acquire, licence and promote all such technology that is necessary to minimise the skill needed to perform any job role, and reduce the scope for malpractice in any profession, so all that is needed to achieve excellence is a basic education. Through our research-led association within the Crocels Community Media Group, which is a leading multimedia education and community regeneration partnership, we are developing new technologies for the purpose of assisting human interaction to enhance relationships between peoples and reduce the skill needed to participate in peace keeping activities.

Jonathan Bishop Limited endeavours to realise a Utopian future of work equality, where there is parity of income and other occupational statuses in professions, achieved by using technology to eliminate wasteful use of humans as resources and to level down the effort required in vocations where the use of human resources is essential to that currently found in manual and clerical positions. This should be done so that a collective society is realised where ethics and qualities such as initiative, honesty, integrity, openness and accountability are more important virtues than purely the pursuit of wealth and power for personal gain or the unnecessary obstruction of progress for the primary purpose of having an easy life without challenging injustice.